About HabituWall

If you’ve ever watched the film, “What About Bob,” you’ll be familiar with the concept of “Baby Steps” posed by the character Doctor Leo Marvin (played by Richard Dreyfuss). The concept is to break down something big into little bits to accomplish a goal. This concept ends up being a life changer for the Bob Wiley character (played by Bill Murray), helping him overcome his many phobias.

If you’ve never watched the film, shame on you! Go watch it right now!

After doing research and reading “Atomic Habits” and “Tiny Habits,” I realized the concept of “Baby Steps” was actually pretty great.

That is where this wallpaper comes in. I haven’t liked habit apps that add more notifications and nuisance than actually offering assistance. For me, if I can really focus on developing one habit at a time, with frequent unobtrusive reminders, it works better. It also might work better for you as well.

By chaining your habit to an existing action (like waking up), followed by a celebration (fist-pump anyone?), it will hopefully help you create and keep your good habits.

If you want a specific wallpaper, please email me the deets.

Head on over to the download page to get started.

About Me

Hi, I’m Ben Francom. Some may say that I’m an innovator, creator, engineer and artist. I started a company called EISMGard LLC during the pandemic in 2020 in case things really went south for me–They didn’t–but I didn’t know what was going to happen at that time. Now it’s 2022, and I figured HabituWall would be a good 1st product.